Flock_of_sheep.jpgSheep were domesticated around 10,000 B.C. Sheep were domesticated in Central Asia, Europe, Mediterranean, Western Asia, and Mesopotamia, Iraq on farms. Farmers domesticated by farmers. Sheep were domesticated for agricultural purposes: used for wool, meat, and milk.
Domestication did change sheep. The sheep horns got smaller, the sheep became more popular ( the number 1 reason is because the people back then and now needed wool ), and they got more tamed and less aggressive and now a days we have sheep farms.
Did you know in Australia and Scotland people would put braces on sheep to keep their teeth straight and so they could eat properly.
Did you know in 1st century C.E. a bull, a sheep, and a pig were being sacrificed.
Did you know Columbus brought some sheep over to America for food and for trade.

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