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In 4000 B.C., was when horses were believed to have first been domesticated, and started to be ridden around 3500 B.C.. It was also believed to be widespread in 3000 B.C..

Some people think that horses were domesticated in the Eurasian Steppes (Dereivka centered in Ukraine). Others think that it was domesticated around Central Asia.

The horse might have been domesticated by the Botai culture or the Indo-Europeans.

They were domesticated for meat, to be ridden, for working, and for traveling. They were also domesticated for warfare, transportation, to send messages, to carry burdens, food and tents, and also to trade goods and pull wagons.

During the domestication, horses grew bigger and stronger and started to be able to pull carts, wagons, and heavy burdens and were strong enough to be ridden for long distances.

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