Assignment and Grading

To better understand the extent of the Neolithic Revolution and the domestication of plants and animals, students have been assigned a plant or animal that was domesticated. Students will research the domestication of this plant/animal and create a page on this Wiki to share what they have learned.

Your Grade will be based on the following:

Research (30 pts)

  • You will find information on your plant/animal in at least 3 resources.
  • For each source you will need to complete a Resource Sheet (10pts each)

Content (40 pts)

  • Create a page on the our class Domestication Wiki.
  • Explain when your plant or animal was domesticated, where, by whom, and for what purpose.
  • Include an image that represents the plant or animal.
  • Include information about how the plant/animal changed in the domestication process (extra credit)

Citations (20 pts)

  • Each resource used includes a proper citation at the bottom of your page.
  • The image is a hyperlink to the page from which you copied it.

Reflection (10 pts)

  • Complete reflection sheet at the end.

The Wiki page needs to be completed by Thursday April 29th.